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Travel Steps - Dominik and JaninaTraveling is my passion …

Traveling is my passion, my backpack one of my best companions. Discovering more and more parts of the world makes me feel alive. Meeting great people around the planet makes it easier to understand different religions, cultures and that there a thousand fantastic ways to live. That is the reason, why I try to go backpacking as much as possible.

My name is Janina. It all started, when I quit my job in 2010 to go to Australia on a working holiday visa. Initially, I wanted to stay there for a year. I wasn’t even sure, if I would make it to travel that long. But finally, it took three years until I finished my trip.

Of course, I saved up money before and needed to find jobs on the way. But I really understood, that you don’t need big money for traveling. You make a lot even more authentic experiences, if you travel on a budget without any big plans or hotels booked in advance.

The journey took me around Australia, Bali, New Zealand, Malaysia, the Philippines, Thailand, Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Myanmar, China and Mongolia – traveling and working. I traveled overland whenever possible and finally took the Trans Siberian Railway from Ulan Batar in Mongolia to Moscow in Russia. Then I flew back to my home country Germany.

It felt bizarre to be back. But I started working again 2013 as a freelance journalist. A job, that I love. I tried to fit back into an old new life, but traveling continued to be an important and exiting part of my life. That is, how I get inspiration.

On the road with my partner

Portugal, Morocco, Tunisia, Egypt, Croatia, Albania, Montenegro, Italy, Denmark, the Netherlands and India are countries, I have visited since 2013 – most together with my partner Dominik, who shares my passion for traveling and inspired me to start writing down experiences on this website He is the one giving me technical support with

On, I wanna share my impressions and leave some space to get connected and exchange travel stories and advise. I’m writing in English, because I met a lot of great people from different countries while traveling. I wouldn’t have got to know them without a common language. And that would just have been half of the fun.


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