Backpacking in Europe Sicily

Backpacking around Europe on a budget – it’s possible!

Backpacking around Europe on a budget can be a lot of fun. On the following pages, you can read our travel stories about how easy it is to get around in countries like Romania, Albania, Montenegro or Italy by public transport, buses and trains as a solo female traveler.  Especially the Balkan states are some of the best backpacking destinations, where travelers on a budget will have a good time. In general, you will feel on a backpacking trip around Europe, that there is a lot of hospitality to experience.

Traveling around Europe on a low budget: Discover the variety of the second smallest continent. Hear more than 20 officially recognised languages and also more than 60 indigenous regional and minority languages. Hike, swim,party, discover the Red Square in Moscow, the beauty of the Albanina Alps and the Balkan states, alternative lifestyle in Denmark’s Christiania, listen to Fado music in Portugal and see the Pope in the Vatican state. Try pasta, pierogi and frog legs and be prepared for all seasons and a lot of fun in between.


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