Working Holiday

Best and worst backpacker budget sleeping places in Australia

A lot of backpackers on a working holiday visa in Australia don’t have money. Sooner or later, everyone doing work and travel in Australia without an own camper van or car looks for a cheap place to sleep. There are a lot of different possibilities of getting a good or bad nights sleep while backpacking in Australia: Living in hostels, on campsites, sleeping in a tent in a garden, renting a room in a share flat, try couchsurfing or sleep in your own car. Most people start their backpacking trip around Australia sleeping in hostels. But sharing a eight-bed-dorm for weeks can be nerve wrecking and very expensive.

Work & Travel job experiences in Australia

My best and worst jobs in Australia Work & Travel job experiences on a working holiday visa While serving drinks to crystal meth addicts, to gamblers and hipsters, cleaning hotel rooms in the middle of nowhere and carrying catering food to some fancy offices, I learned a lot about myself. […]

Work & Travel: First Steps

Work & Travel in Australia: Looking forward to a year full of sun and fun? You are looking for a country to spend a year full of sun and fun, that is perfectly set up for travelers? You are fed up with your lifestyle and want to experience a change? […]