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My favorite 15 fun things to do while backpacking Thailand

Ever wanted to try insects for lunch, feel leeches on your legs, join street aerobics or see ladyboys singing songs of Whitney Houston? Or are you rather up for relaxing in colorful beach huts, eating the world’s best food and snorkeling in fascinating underwater worlds? In both cases, Thailand is the right place for you. These are my favorite 15 fun things to do in while backpacking Thailand.

Backpacking China: The top 20 places to visit

On my seven weeks backpacking trip around China, I laughed, I cried, I felt very often illiterate, went on fantastic hikes, got altitude sickness close to the Tibetan border and tasted lot’s of horrible food. But in the end, it was an amazing experience. Read about my top 20 places to visit on a backpacking trip around China.

Backpacking tips: How to spend budget holidays in Krakow

You will taste the bitter-sweet tourist flavor of Krakow as soon as you arrive in the old town on a summer day. Just ignore the bored horse carriage drivers and their far too expensive offers. Be ready to share experiences with thousand other tourists. And be clever enough to visit the famous Wawel Castle and other attractions for free, go on a culinary time travel and try cheap traditional food in a Bar Mleczny. Open your ears for exceptional street musicians. Encounter your own fear in the Alley of Lost Souls and dive into shocking history. We loved Krakow. We spend two days on a backpacking trip in Krakow in summer and clearly want to go back. It was just too nice…

Let the others stay in Prague – and discover Brno instead!

Between bunker excitement, pink tank, beautiful architecture and prison cells: Check out Brno for two days while traveling Czech Republic. For sure: When we arrived in Brno, we first hated the place. We arrived after 9 pm trying to find a cheap hostel, bed or campsite – and finally ended up camping next to a road in a village. BUT we gave Brno a second chance … That was the right decision! We discovered a real beauty.

Taghazout: One of the top backpacking destinations in Morocco

Taghazout is one of the top backpacker destinations in Morocco, where the waves are louder than the sounds of the Mosque. You will probably see more surfboards than beards and burkas. Meet surfers, hippies and travelers in Taghazout and visit the legendary Paradise Valley. We found cheap hostels, great cafes and bars right at the Atlantik Ocean. If you need a place to chill out on a backpacking trip around Morocco, Taghazout can be the place to be.

Sofia: Between Moussaka, Fur Coats, Smoking Bus Drivers and Cyrillic Letters

Between Moussaka, Fur Coats and Cyrillic letters: Yes, there is a place in Europe, where you can find a traces of a multi religious past, a church, a mosque and a synagogue within a few meters walk – all old and impressive. Where you can eat a plate of Moussaka for lunch for 1,50 Euros. Where women are wearing fur coats to resist the cold and where some bus drivers still smoke behind the wheel. Sofia is one of the European capitals, that might surprise and impress you at the same time.