Backpacking in Asia Goa

Backpacking around Asia on a low budget – it’s exiting

Traveling around Asia is fun. There are a lot of funny situations to experience walking next to holy cows, sleeping in beach huts and having psy trance parties in India. You will read about an unforgetable slow boat ride on the Irrawaddy river in Myanmar and how an astrologer predicted my future and about camping in winter in Mongolia.

In total: Asia consists of chaos, colors, smiles, technology, poverty, wisdom, shopping malls and temples: The largest and most populous continent is full of contrasts. Several hundreds of languages are spoken. Taking life easy, enjoying every day: That can be the right motto, while walking on the Great Wall of China, seeing the sunrise at Cambodia’s Angkor Wat, cruising around Vietnam’s Halong Bay, partying in Thailand at full moon, doing Yoga in Bali or drinking mango lassi at Goa’s beaches. Be a hippie, traveler, spiritual seeker, holidaymaker – you can be whatever you are.



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